Opalescence Boost Teeth Whitening

What is Opalescence Boost?

Opalescence Boost is a chemically activated whitening treatment. It offers a brighter, whiter smile without the wait. Boost has a  40% concentration, so it can only be applied by a trained dentist or dental expert in an office setting. An Opalescence Boost whitening treatment typically takes under one hour. It's just one session. You'll relax comfortably in our usual Berardi Dentistry dental chair while Dr. Berardi applies this proven technique to whiten and brighten your teeth!

Safe, Convenient & Healthy Results

Boost whitens teeth without the heat or dehydrating effects of lights or lasers. 

Brighter smile image from Berardi Teeth Whitening in Clarence

The Procedure

To begin the procedure, your gums and lips will be protected by a special barrier we apply. Dr. Berardi will determine the starting shade of your teeth and wil record that shade color. He will then apply the whitening gel to the front of your teeth, where it will remain for between 10 to 15 minutes. Approximately every five minutes, the gel on your teeth will be stirred to ensure maximum effect. After 15 minutes, we will remove that application of gel using suction only, then rinse your teeth with water and dry them.

After the Whitening Procedure

Teeth whitening results with Opalescence Boost are very stable. You'll have a more stunning, brighter smile long after treatment is over. Things like genetics, diet, age, some medications (like tetracycline), and certain habits (like smoking) may affect the length of your whitening results. But touch-up treatments are quick and easy if you should desire them in the future. After your treatment, we also can recommend using Opalescence tooth whitening gels (which also contain potassium nitrate and fluoride). These products are an inexpensive way to help maintain your bright smile for a long time, while reducing cavities, protecting enamel and improving your oral health more than typical over-the-counter whitening pastes.