Prosthetic Dentistry: Bridges, Dentures and Implants

Our teeth are important to us both mentally and physically. Missing teeth can cause your remaining teeth to shift, headaches, jaw aches, or the chipping of adjacent teeth. Prosthetic dentistry involves the replacement of what’s missing. Berardi Dentistry offers the following options, based on your individual case and interests. Contact us today for details and a confidential consultation at our Williamsville office.


Fixed Bridge

Berardi Fixed partial bridge denture .jpgIf teeth are lost due to gum disease or injury, a permanent fixed bridge can be used to restore one’s smile. A fixed bridge, like a crown, is made of porcelain or porcelain fused to precious metal. A fixed bridge consists of a prosthetic tooth (pontic) that is attached to permanent crowns (abutment teeth) on either side of a space. The bridge porcelain is matched specifically to the shade of your other teeth. This allows us to  ensure a beautiful fit and smile.


Dental Implants

a dental implant with labels for each partEat, speak and smile with complete confidence! A dental implant is a small, bio-compatible prosthetic tooth-like root surgically placed into the jawbone tissue. Implants have a high success rate and can last a lifetime. We first fuse an implant with your jaw bone to create a solid anchor. It takes 10 weeks to integrate within your bone. Next, we will uncover the implant and place a post into it. An impression is taken to make a porcelain crown, custom fit to your implant. One crown can be placed on each implant post, or a few implants can secure a denture, partial, or bridge.


Partial Dentures

Valplast partial denture cross sectionA partial denture may be recommended for you if you have multiple missing teeth. Partial dentures are usually less expensive than multiple fixed bridges or implants, but they offer a high quality, reliable solution. Partial dentures can bridge one side of the mouth to the other. They  anchor into the mouth by clasping, or grabbing, existing teeth.Partial dentures today are made of either metal or plastic. Some partial dentures are even made of a flexible plastic with clear clasps, ensuring comfort and aesthetics.


Complete Dentures

Dentist cleaning a complete denture setIn the case where all of someone’s teeth are missing, Berardi Dentistry can create a complete denture. Regain the confidence you or your loved one has been missing with a new, beautiful smile! Complete dentures can restore proper function to one’s mouth. The ability to chew and speak properly is returned, leaving the patient in a much improved state. Food can again be properly chewed and digested—leading to enhanced overall health.